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Recently we had a very challenging house sale and purchase involving 1031 exchange issue, and we are so glad that we had Ms. Lorrie Davidson as our agent.
The tasks range from terminating the existing lease, cleaning and renovating, marketing and sale, all the way to purchasing the new house in a new area. Considering the complicated procedure and the pandemic situation, we felt almost impossible to meet the schedule. Fortunately, we had Lorrie, who advised us way ahead of time, and made a very detailed plan for all the steps, and even selected an agent through her professional network for the house hunting in the new area. As the results, all the prep-work were done in time and within budget with the services she recommended. The house was sold in just one day, and the new house purchase was also smooth. Now looking back, its like a miracle. We couldn’t have done it without Lorrie’s help. Her professionalism, expertise and hard work made all this happen.